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  • Co-operartive bank roles in delhi 7 Apr, 2017

    There are 17co-operative banks in Delhi. These banks are controller by Reserve Bank of India and Registrar Coop erati es jointly. These banks doing every kind of banki g function with one additional function. They are enrolking their members and granting loan to their menbers. Their management committee formed from their members.

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  • group discussion in interview 1 Dec, 2016

    When u going for the interview group discussion round is there.we will talk about this round,there are 4 to 5 people round is given a one topic like talk about sachin tendulkar .each one have to speak about is one of the great batsman in india,he represent a india ,he played well cricket in his carrier.he achieved a most number of centuries in intl cricket compare to any batsman.
    In that round we know the everyone knowledge and his communication skill and personality of talking.
    For this, we learn also something about what their in ourselves.

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