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  • Tuition at tutor place for biology class 10 to graduation level 6 Aug, 2017

    Fluent in english good communication skills

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  • biology teacher job Last updated by Mr. Wani mohammad yousuf: 21 Apr, 2017

    Myself a retired lecturer from Osmania University ,intend to apply for this job. I like this teaching profession and salary amount is not the factor here . Salary is not a yard -stick. I like Pune city

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    • Hi Varidelly, if you're interested in a job, the procedure is that you apply directly to it. I'm saying this because at the beginning I also used to think that I was supposed to ask through a message to customer service or the forum... Best of luck, teaching is great, I love it too. I've no opinion about Pune, I('ve never been able to visit it

      12 Dec, 2016 Reply to Amita
    • Hi, its my initiative to teaching...I like this profession and its not only about salary actually it gives more accuracy respect to your knowledge about a particular subject

      24 Dec, 2016 Reply to varsha meena
    • Hi, i am a dynamic, role model, dedicated, energetic and extra sensitive and updated teacher.. I know how to use technology in education, with accuracy and effecieny. In simple, i can not e plain myself in words. But I will prove by work...

      21 Apr, 2017 Reply to Mr. Wani mohammad yousuf
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