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  • Anemia in young womens(nutrition) Last updated by Jabeen farha: 6 Dec, 2016

    In this era when fast food is choice of every young people. Specially in girls who lives in hostels they hv food which is poor in iron n magnesium n other micro minerals. So I think we need to educate women's to enhance their food quality with little n cheep foods like peanuts, leafy vegetables n all.
    For this we hv to develop attractive plans n do presentation in every school every college every where .

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    • As per today's life, everyone is busy in study, job, and future plans, there is no time to think about healthy food. Everyone wants quick and easy solutions, like ready to eat food items. Everybody wants to have their breakfast, lunch or dinner just like that. Girls especially neglect their health as compared to boys. Families do have comparison in boys and girls. So there is a need to explain and educate them properly about the food items and what is healthy for them as they need more iron than men. It can be start from anywhere, school, college, society, or even social media.

      6 Dec, 2016 Reply to Lalit Gidwani
    • Now a dys girls r vry found of junk foods &all there is a need to educate & create awareness among girls specially college going girls thy pay less attention to veggie& fruits & they exclude this frm their daily diet now a days anaemia is a leading disease it can be prevented by taking iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables,egg, organ meat, if veg thn thy can go for nuts raisin, fruits like watermelon, pomegranate,from roots & tubers carrot & beetroot etcc inclusion of all these in daily diet can helpful in preventing anaemia hope u all understand thank u all for reading this thanks alot........

      6 Dec, 2016 Reply to Jabeen farha
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