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  • parents Role in their wards education Last updated by Sudhir Tomar: 13 Jan, 2017

    In modern era role of parents in education has become more crucial.RTi has made them over conscious.They think they know more than the teachers in schools.They do not support teachers rather than they are supporting students unethical. Their such type of attitude is badly affecting not only the studies and development of their wards but also spoiling them.Teachers insruction are ignored by both of them.
    School is helpless.They do not have any option except begging them.So behhers have no choice.If we want to give our nation better citizen we will have to think now otherwise we will have stupid,foolish,misbehaving,traitors,corrupt and disturbing citizens.Education must be free from any interruption.
    Gopal Krishan
    Holy Angel Public School Almora

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    • Dear Friends,
      Time has changed but not the teaching techniques.
      Rather generation gap between Teacher& Students is becoming wider day by day.
      Thirst for acquiring knowledge is increased. In this Google era unfortunately we are not able to meet the needs of the techno savy students.We need to update ourselves and become once more the 'Guru' who had compete mastery in his subject

      13 Jan, 2017 Reply to Sudhir Tomar
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