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  • About ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JOB 13 Dec, 2016

    In INDIA, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR JOBS are made for only LADIES and GIRLS, bcoz they are the one who will survive in the WORLD. According to 2day's WORLD, why all and every JOBS are going to LADIES means, bcoz they are the people who have came specially from TOP. After some years, TAMIL NADU's name will be automatically changed as POTTAI NAADU.

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  • Jobless BTech Proffesionals 9 Dec, 2016

    In India,,engineering strems are going beyond control with pathetic conditions with the graduates being unemployed.The way of engineering studies has gine below thr standards and every parent was being compelling students to join the same urging to the easiness to obtain a better job with this four year degree.But the students can't comeup with the favourable conditions of present era..

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