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  • Spa Last updated by Sanjay sharma: 8 Apr, 2017

    I've been working in different spas for the past 7 years and I'm convinced I could do a good job running one. I've been able to see the requirements and how they're run, and I feel I'm well able for it. I'd like to keep offering massages too as I like doing them. Is there a way I can take the step or do I need formal training?

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    • No specific formal training or requirements, many technical schools, universities and colleges offer training and employers will naturally tend towards those candidates. I don't know if you can combine managing a spa and continuing with your massage sessions, though I suppose it'll depend on the size of the place and the level of business it has.

      29 Mar, 2017 Reply to Anjaney
    • I am also planning to open a massage and wellness centre. If u like partnership then I can think for investment with u.

      8 Apr, 2017 Reply to Sanjay sharma
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