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  • How You Can Apply for Jobs via Online Job Portals 19 May, 2020 View last comments

    People have no longer time to spend in traversing from one to another establishment in searching and applying for their relevant jobs, form when online job portals in Kolkata have become accessible. All the candidates need to do one thing these days – Find a perfect job through internet system. They have to follow the instruction to know how to apply for the jobs in Kolkata. If this procedure is moderately new to you, you must be acquainted with this to make able yourself to take the benefit of this system.

    Before applying for your job which you want via internet system, you have to find those jobs at first. In order to acquire any job, all you require to perform is to know the use of your preferred search engine.

    With this, within a few seconds, after entering relevant keywords, you will observe a number of websites that will showcase different types of jobs in Kolkata like sales jobs in Kolkata, BPO jobs in Kolkata and many others that you can apply for.

    With that, in just a few seconds after you enter the keywords, you will see a number of websites, which will showcase the jobs that you may want to apply for. A few web portals are there, some of those are online classified ads, job websites as well as some of those are job placement companies in Kolkata.

    One of the simplest ways to find out and appealing for online jobs is to sign up with a definite online job portals like Career Hunts. Such those job websites are filled with a huge database that can store a large number of job openings in Kolkata that several companies offered. Different companies deal with online job web portals in order to receive the support that those companies need to find more prospective employees or them.

    When you are accessing these kinds of websites, you need to sign up at first to apply for a particular job enlisted in them. Signing up with it means to build your profile as you can do the best. Along with that you may have to upload your CV or resume and picture to apply for your featured job. The reason behind making a profile in such kind of job portals is to match your profile with present and upcoming job openings according to location or any other things. Thus, they can also notify you about any kind of job interviews.

    As example, whether your experience and skill match with the eligibilities needs for a certain company, the job portal will surely notify you about this. Through that, you will be able to apply for the particular job by accessing your account on the portal. And you have already created your profile and submitted your resume, now you need to fill other requirements and the work will be done. Selecting an online job portal is truly significant before landing on your preferred job that you demand. Thus, research is important, so that you won't be wasting your time and effort.

    Go after these above-mentioned tips on you can apply for jobs in Kolkata, and search for then portals now, so that you can find yourself appeal for them being in the comfort of your house.

    Career Hunts loves to help those peoples who are motivated jobseekers. To know more visit and Upload your resume https://www.careerhunts.com/signup .

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  • Walk Interview Advice Last updated by Ranjit Mura: 12 Apr, 2018

    Hi, I've recently visited several fairs and have had some walk interviews. On several occasions I've thought I was apt for the job, but I haven't heard back from any of the companies I've talked to. I know walk interviews are supposed to be spontaneous meetings, but more and more I think there must be aspects to take into account. I'm a fresh graduate in IT. Can somebody advise please?

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    • Hi! I would advise you to emphasize both your professional skills as your personal skills. I had the same experience and couldn't see why there was no successful outcome. I tried to keep a good balance between professional and interpersonal skills and it worked for me. Of course it depends on the type of job you're looking for. Still, it's worth a try. Anyways, that's my experience.

      26 Oct, 2016 Reply to Lana
    • I am civil engineer.I was passed civil engineering of West Bengal state councile of technical education.I had been experien in building housing project at GHB project valsad,L&T construction.

      12 Apr, 2018 Reply to Ranjit Mura
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  • Operation job 26 Sep, 2017

    I have 3.5 yrs experience in operations. And I am searching new one..

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  • interview 22 Aug, 2017

    Plz tell me any job in meerut and Hapur location in am an MBA from marketing

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  • Pharmaceutical job in QA department Last updated by Manoj kumar: 14 Aug, 2017

    Please tell me if any ware vacancies in Pharmaceutical company.

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    • Diploma electrical engineering job

      10 Aug, 2017 Reply to Santosh pal
    • Quality control

      14 Aug, 2017 Reply to Manoj kumar
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